Our Feed Division is made up of both production and sales of King Brand products.

Along with King Brand feeds our Wholesale Division markets a diversity of pet foods and animal health products.

We believe in producing high quality feeds and do not least cost formulate, our formulas are locked. This ensures your animals receive the same high quality diet day in and day out.

Our main production facility is located in San Lucas, CA. We produce both bulk and bagged product and maintain a full line a specialty feeds. In addition to King Brand production we also specialize in ‘toll milling’ for customers.

Our Wholesale Division is located in King City, CA at the Company’s main facility.

To find out more about our King Brand Feed Products please click on this Button  to visit our Feed Website.


Mike Hearne

Feed Division Manager

  • mike@hearneco.com
  • (800)253-7346 ext 127

Sandra Brunet

Sales Manager

  • Sandra@hearneco.com
  • (949)300-3255

Nathan Copp


  • Nathan@hearneco.com
  • (559)280-0119

Shuana Jones

Customer Service Coordinator

  • shauna@hearneco.com
  • (800)253-7346 ext 132
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